An average monthly commitment of 2-4 hours is required per band member family.  Most items can be done on the weekend or evenings.  This list is to give volunteers a general idea of all the types of volunteering opportunities that need to be filled and are available.  This is not an all-inclusive list, additional opportunities will be available.

Booster Meetings:  Attendance and participation count towards this commitment.  Your participation is vital to the success of the students and this program.


  • Band Camp (Daily volunteers to pick up & serve food)
  • Uniforms (collecting size information, ordering show shirts/hoodies/shoes and winter guard uniforms, making minor alterations/repairs to uniforms)
  • Tag Days (Arrange with location and/or supervise)
  • Car Washes (Supervise)
  • Props (construct/modify)
  • Football Games (work concessions, pick up food/ice pre-game)
  • Basketball Games (pick up food & supervise students)
  • Ice Breaker
  • Rehearse A Thon (pick up & serve food)
  • Chaperoning
  • Anyone with a specialized license in healthcare, notary is always needed


  • Food and general sponsorship (identify food sponsors for band camp/rehearse-a-thon & general sponsors)
  • Yard Sale (plan, obtain donations to sell & host)
  • Fundraising (determine fundraisers, contact vendors, communicate with parents, coordinate & distribute items)
  • Golf/Putt putt Tournament
  • Bi-annual Spring Trip Planning
  • Board Nominations (phone calls, emails, summarize & share information)
  • Banquet (arrange for venue, decorations and food according to budget)