2018 – 2019


Registration:  Click here to download the Registration Paperwork

Band Camp Dates:  Monday – Friday, July 30th – August 3rd

Band Camp Times: 9am – 6pm

Location:  Northeast High School

Lunch will be provided daily.


How to prepare for Band Camp

1. PRACTICE, Practice, practice.  Playing and performing for hours a day is a lot different than practicing for a few minutes in your room or back yard.  The more time you spend preparing now, the better prepared you’ll be mentally and physically.

2. Get out and do something.  Laying on the couch or sitting at your computer all summer is the absolute worse thing you can do to prepare.  Go for a walk, ride a bike, or better yet, go for a run.  Marching Band is a sport to us and you’ll need to prepare your body physically as well.

3. Get the right attire.  Being that this is more of a sport, you’ll want to dress accordingly, AND, it’s HOT during band camp.  Light and breathable athletic clothing will provide you the MOST amount of comfort.  Invest in some comfortable running shoes and a hat…you’re going to spend a lot of time on your feet, best to make your feet comfortable and keep your face out of the sun as much as possible.

4. Get a water cooler.  We prefer a 1 gallon water cooler and you’ll drink every drop of that during a band camp day.  You can find inexpensive ones at Wal-Mart in the camping section.  Individual water bottles aren’t going to cut it and you’ll suffer from dehydration.  Even a rinsed out gallon milk bottle can serve the purpose.  Just bring water…and bring lots of it.  Also, you will want to stop drinking soda, tea or other sugary drinks a few days in advance and replace with just water.

5. Find a strong sunscreen that works for you.  Sun burns make band camp days more exhausting then they should be.  It’s required that each student wear sunscreen during any outdoor activities.

6. Eat right!  If you’ve lived on a diet of Capt’n Crunch and hot pockets…it’s probably time to start eating a bit more of a balanced diet.  The boosters will ensure you are provided a good lunch during band camp.  We strongly suggest you eat a good breakfast each day before camp (please avoid milk) and a good dinner during camp so you can replenish energy for the next day.

7. SLEEP!  You’re going to need it.

8. Join the Facebook and make a new friend.  Section leaders and captains will be organizing get togethers over the summer to meet each other and to do some light practicing.  Attend them and get to know one another.

9. Watch some marching bands online.  Here are some good places to start getting your mind wrapped around what we’ll be doing:

Bands of America

Drum Corps International

10. Don’t be scared.  For the new students, being a part of band can be the most rewarding thing you do in High School.  In marching band, you will make life long friends, memories for a lifetime, and learn skills that will serve you well in life regardless of what you do after High School.   Also, everyone here was new once too, we all understand what you’re experiencing and are here to help you feel comfortable.