Hello Boosters!  

As discussed in the May 1st, meeting, the ByLaws have been reviewed and suggested changes are available now for your review.  Please click on this link <ByLaws proposed revision 5.1.17> to view the proposed highlighted changes.  A voted will be held on this matter at the next Booster meeting and we look forward to seeing you there!


We are always in need of assistance. If you are interested in any of these areas please tell a Board Member (contact information is at the bottom of this page). We appreciate everything you do!

Rays Chair – This individual will be responsible for organizing and managing all things in regards to the Rays Concessions fundraising activities. Requires working many if not all games. In addition, the individual will be responsible for soliciting individuals to become trained and work Rays Concessions. Further, they will need to maintain an active database of trained individuals and ensuring we have adequate coverage for each night we sign up for. Requires a 2-year commitment.

Rays Assistant Chair – Works with/for the Rays Chair to help manage and organize all activities in regards to Rays Concessions. This individual will be expected to take over the Rays Chair the second year of this term. Individual will need to make a minimum 2-year commitment.

Grant Writer – Works with the Chairs, boosters and director(s) to help identify needs and seek out funding for these.  Person appropriate for this job would need to know some about grants and/or grant writing (not required), good at researching and crafting form letters and applications.

Membership Chair – This person will be responsible for ensuring the boosters and the organization are in compliance at all times in regards to student paperwork (insurance, medical, permission slips).  This individual will need to travel with any of our programs (band, guard, etc) to all events or assign a designee to ensure the boosters and the program remain in compliance.  This person will further designate and recruit for a team of individuals to create and update our membership packets annually for Band and Guard. Due to the sensitivity of the information the person will be handling, this person is required to be LEVEL 2 cleared.

Volunteer Coordinator – This person is responsible for managing all registered volunteers for the program(s) to include actively seeking out parents/guardians/family members/community members, etc. to become registered. Will help facilitate the registration process for volunteers and work with the Community Liaison to ensure proper documentation is provided to the school. Will identify volunteer needs and will handle scheduling of the volunteers to ensure adequate coverage for all events. Needs to be LEVEL 2 cleared.

Concessions Chair – This individual will be responsible for organizing our concession stand effort for home Football games and Home Basketball games during the school year. Will require scheduling parents to ensure coverage, organizing shopping trips, handling money and ensuring a quality product is sold to customers.


Lance Bradford

Booster Vice President

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Sarah Masi

Booster Secretary

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Tracy Rader

A.P. Treasurer

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Tracy Rader

A.R. Treasurer

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