Countryside Away Game 9/19/14 Itinerary

Countryside 9-19-14

 This game is significantly further than previous games!  Please note the report time and apx return time!


Our annual rehearse-a-thon is only 2 weeks away now and it’s time to start working out a strategy of how you’re going to get donations.  This has been in the past our BEST fundraiser for you as 100% of money collected goes straight to you!  Pay off anything you owe and/or help us raise much needed money!  You will be given a “pledge sheet” in the next few days to keep track of what people pledge for you!  Ask your friends, family, neighbors, teachers, and anyone you see!  ANY DONATION no matter how small helps!


Upcoming Events:

Festival of Winds

Each year, a number of Northeast High Music students participate in the University of South Florida holds a festival that allows students to work in an Honor Band format with a number of other talented musicians throughout Florida under the direction of a guest conductor.  This year’s festival happens during December 4th – 7th.  There is an individual cost and no scholarship available.  Please look over the following website to determine if you would be interested in being nominated for this fun and rewarding festival.  Do keep in mind that students participating will have to pull double duty that weekend as we do have a Parade on December 6th that may or may not impact our ability to participate in this festival.  If you are interested in being nominated, I need your intent by Wednesday, October 1st!  That is a hard deadline.



Remind 101

Please sign up for Remind 101.  This is a crucial piece to our communication efforts.  The service is FREE and available for Text Messaging and/or Email

Student Remind 101

Parent Remind 101

The 2014 – 2015 school year is in full swing now.  Important updates:


1) Paperwork is due NOW.  The sooner the better!  Students will not be able to participate without certain documents.

2) Fairshare amount has been locked in at $350.  Students will still need to purchase/pay for specific items as outlined in their payment section (shirt, hoodie, instrument, equipment, etc.)

3) Parents and Guardians…Please Contact Dana our volunteer coordinator to sign up to chaperone or help out this year!


Other helpful information

1) The boosters will be organizing dinners for each night of bandcamp.  If you are interested in helping with serving or preparing please contact our volunteer coordinator Dana.

2) Carpools are available for those students who need assistance.

3) The clinic on the Northeast campus offers FREE physicals.  Just schedule in advance: Phone: (727) 570-3025  we will most certainly allow students to get their physical during bandcamp.

4) Sponsorships are the fastest and easiest way to cover the cost of dues.  Plus, the sponsor gets tax deductable advertising and the benefit of knowing they are helping a student.  Check out the sponsorship section of the website.


2014 – 2015

Scarlet Regiment Leadership

Congratulations to the following student leaders:

J. Miller – Drum Major

B. Mallen – Assistant Drum Major

A. Scoggins – Band President/Flute Section Leader

C. Huffer – Woodwind Captain/Clarinet Section Leader

J. Mumma – Brass Captain/Low Brass Section Leader

A. Peters – Guard Captain

A. Hrabe – Percussion Captain

E. Barry – High Brass Section Leader

G. Bradford– Equipment Managers

V. Ballard/K. Russell – Uniform Managers

C. Muncy/D. Cornell – Librarians