Timber Creek Competition Information

October 25th, Orlando, Florida

itinerary timber creek 10-25-14

****Please email Mr. Dawson at dawsoncl@pcsb.org ASAP if you would like to reserve a seat or seats****


“Firehouse Sub” turkey $5.00
“Firehouse Sub” ham $5.00
“Domino’s” Pizza (2 slices Cheese) $5.00
“Domino’s” Pizza (2 slices Pepperoni) $5.00
“Gator’s Dockside” Pulled Pork Sandwich $7.00
Smoked pulled pork, Sweet BBQ sauce, topped with cheddar cheese, served on a kaiser roll.                                                 Served with Gator’s Homemade “Gator Chips”





Itinerary for away game Seminole

5:00 Report time

You are to be in the band room, in your spot, at 5:00. Not walking in the door, not having a sectional, in your spot. Please be early.


5:00 – 5:10 Announcements


5:10 – 5:45 Load

Use this time to clean and prepare instruments and self for performance.


All equipment needing to be loaded will be loaded at this time.


6:00 Depart

All students will load pre-assigned bus and we will depart Northeast High School

6:30 Arrival

Upon arrival, we will offload and unload equipment at the site. We will quickly and orderly move to the visitor stands to prepare for our performance.

7:30 Kickoff

10:30 Departure (APPROXIMATE)

This is an approximate time as each game runs on it’s own clock. We will let you know when we are approximately 10 minutes out from Northeast so you can contact your ride.

11:00 Arrival (APPROXIMATE)

Please help ensure all equipment and materials brought with us is returned to its proper location before we leave for the night.


**It is their Senior night, so we will be performing after the game.





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2014 – 2015

Scarlet Regiment Leadership

Congratulations to the following student leaders:

J. Miller – Drum Major

B. Mallen – Assistant Drum Major

A. Scoggins – Band President/Flute Section Leader

C. Huffer – Woodwind Captain/Clarinet Section Leader

J. Mumma – Brass Captain/Low Brass Section Leader

A. Peters – Guard Captain

A. Hrabe – Percussion Captain

E. Barry – High Brass Section Leader

G. Bradford– Equipment Managers

V. Ballard/K. Russell – Uniform Managers

C. Muncy/D. Cornell – Librarians