Band Camp Starts Monday

Below are some last minute reminders about band camp.

1. BRING WATER.  You’ve surely been told by now, but bring a lot of water.  Walmart sells inexpensive 1gallon and 1/2 gallon jugs that will work well for what you’ll need.  When in doubt a washed out milk jug works too!  We will not be supplying water during the course of the day.

2. WEAR SUNSCREEN.  Yes, you’ll be outside…yes, you’ll get sunburned if you don’t wear sunscreen.  Bring it with you because you’ll need to reapply during the day.

3.YANKEE CANDLE and PAPERWORK.  Our first fundraiser is ending and is due on the 1st day of Band Camp.  Please bring your order sheets with you.  Also, don’t forget about online ordering.  It’s now available and will continue for a little bit.  Also, all registration paperwork is now due.  If you haven’t turned in documents, they are required for participation and must be submitted ASAP.

4. DRESS APPROPRIATE.  You live in Florida and it’s going to be hot.  Please dress for the weather…athletic wear, hats and sunglasses are always a good idea.

5. DROP OFF AND PICKUP TIMES.  We will begin rehearsing at 9am…aim to be here 15 minutes early.  You will ALWAYS be able to be picked up at the “end time”.  I strive to keep on schedule, so, if you’re being picked up they can expect you to be ready at exactly 6pm.


Get a good nights sleep, eat a smart breakfast (milk is usually a bad idea when activity follows), and most importantly get ready to have fun and learn!






Yankee Candle Fundraiser


Our first fundraiser of the 2017-2018 marching season is about to get underway.  Please make sure you ask about this fundraiser at registration.  Orders can be placed online after July 17th or, if you prefer, by turning in the packet at the end of band camp.

Here’s a preview of the catalog to share with family and friends: (click here for a preview)It’s like Christmas in July!  Yankee Candle has many great offerings this season to help you get ready for the the holidays.  There’s something for everyone on your Christmas list!


Rays’ Concession Fundraiser


We have added information about this awesome fundraiser on the volunteers page of the website. Click here to check it out!


Amazon Smiles

Do you shop on Amazon?  By selecting Amazon Smiles, Amazon will donate a small percentage of each purchase made to Northeast High School Band Boosters.  Simply slick on Amazon Smiles to get started.



Remind Text Messaging

Please sign up for the remind text messaging service.  This is a free service we use to quickly distribute important information pertaining to the activities of the program.

Student Remind Code

Volunteer Remind Code


Congratulations to the 2017 – 2018

Scarlet Regiment Leadership Team:

Drum Major: Greg M.,

Band President: Sydney R.,

Percussion Capt: Garrison B.

Guard Captain: Cindy N.

Woodwind Capt: Kacie B.

Brass Capt: Dasia D.

High Brass SL: Dasia D.

Low Brass SL: Jessica B.

High Woodwind SL: Sydney R.

Sax/Low Woodwind SL: Kacie B.

Uniform Managers: Saritaa S., Kacie B.

Librarians: Nate M., Shalyn M.

Equipment Manager: Dakota S.

Historian: Saritaa S.