2016 – 2017

Marching Season is HERE!

Please go to our Registration page to download our Registration Packet and for helpful information regarding Band Camp.

Visit the Program tab for information regarding our show this coming year.


Congratulations to the 2016 – 2017

Scarlet Regiment Leadership Team:

Drum Major: Greg M., Asst. Drum Major Martin P.

Band President: Debora C., Band Vice President: Sanel R.

Percussion Capt: Joseph C.

Guard Captain: Cindy N.

Woodwind Capt: Sydney R.

Brass Capt: Debora C.

High Brass SL: Chloé B.

Low Brass SL: Jessica B.

High Woodwind SL: Sydney R.

Sax/Low Woodwind SL: Kacie B.

Uniform Managers: Saritaa S., Kacie B.

Librarians: Nate M., Shalyn M.

Equipment Manager: Garrison B.

Historian: Saritaa S.